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Sunflower oil CIF Djibouti in June 2024.

    The production enterprise OIL FACTORY AGROS notifies about changes in selling prices from June 1, 2024 for sunflower oil delivered to Djibouti.
   The plant's production capacity is 7,500 tons per month.
For June 2024, the AGROS oil plant plans to produce 4,800 tons of unrefined sunflower oil and 2,700 tons of refined sunflower oil. 

    Indicators of unrefined sunflower oil:
- acid value up to 2, peroxide value up to 6, moisture 0.06%.

    Indicators of refined sunflower oil:
- acid value up to 0.2; peroxide value up to 2, moisture up to 0.06%.

Oil color: transparent yellow.

Sunflower oil packaging: poured into a flexi tank, in bottles of 1-3-5 liters, in food barrels of 50 liters.

Prices for unrefined sunflower oil with delivery to CIF port of Djibouti = $ on request/ton
Prices for refined sunflower oil with delivery to Djibouti = $ on request/ton

We supply sunflower oil both to Djibouti and to African countries, the Persian Gulf (Oman, UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia), and to the Mediterranean Sea (Egypt, Syria, Libya, Lebanon).

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