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Feed barley CIF ports of Persian Gulf

Joint-Stock Company United Grain Corporation.

The Russian Grain Corporation exports feed barley to the ports of the Persian Gulf.

Characteristics of barley:

- test weight 660-670 g/l
- moisture 13% max
- impurity 2% max

Does not contain GMOs.

Price for barley grain in the port of Qatar = $265 / tons

Barley grain price to Bandar Abbas port, Iran = $255/tons

Prices for feed barley in the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia = $252 / tons

Price for feed barley in the port of Umm Qasr (Basra), Iraq = $265 / tons

Prices for feed barley CIF Jebel - Ali, UAE = $255 / tons

Packing: in bulk

Minimum order quantity / MOQ: 500 tons.